A Eurocrat, Karl Marx and the ancient Basilica. This photograph says more than a thousand words!

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A Eurocrat, Karl Marx and the ancient Basilica. This photograph says more than a thousand words!

In its wild ideological march towards self-destruction, the modern world has reached the point where not only radical leftist groups, but also mainstream politicians celebrate the birthday of Karl Marx – the founder of the philosophical system on which murderous Communist regimes were based. However, a photograph taken in the Basilica of Constantine in Trier on 4th May shows more than just the progress of the Marxist utopia.


The celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx – the founder of an anti-Christian ideology – took place in an ancient building erected in the times of Emperor Constantine the Great, who suspended the persecution of Christians by the Roman Empire. Marx, who wrote satanic poems in his youth, later claimed that “religion is the opium of the people.”


However, the exceptional Basilica of Constantine in Trier was defiled much earlier before the impudent celebration of homage to the founder of Marxism within its walls. Since the 19th century, it has been used for Protestant celebrations.


On 4th May, one of the visitors to the Basilica of Constantine was Jean-Claude Juncker. This fact is particularly telling because the function of President of the European Commission that he currently fulfils would not exist in such a form without the contribution of Marxist ideology. The founder of this ideology not only hated religion, but he also questioned the sense of existence of homelands. It is Communist internationalism that underlies European integration – a phenomenon advancing beyond the limit of European profitability, aimed at the gradual reduction of the competence of national states and their transfer to European Union structures.


Jean-Claude Juncker is regarded as a federalist – an advocate of the increase of the EU’s power at the expense of Member States. Besides, has the politician affiliated with Luxembourg’s Christian Social People’s Party ever fought the expansion of bureaucracy within the EU or the legalisation of homosexual marriages in successive EU countries? It is worth noticing that Juncker was Prime Minister of Luxembourg in the years 1995-2013. In 2004, same-sex marriages were legalised in this country.


In his speech delivered from the Protestant “altar” in the Basilica of Constantine and, at the same time, from under the cross, the Eurocrat stated that Karl Marx was not responsible for crimes committed by Marxists. Moreover, he claimed that the philosopher’s thoughts were... misunderstood. This sounds like the thesis repeated by many leftists, according to which the system prevailing in the USSR, the Eastern Bloc, Communist China or other countries where the introduction of Marxism led to bloody repressions and extreme poverty was not “real socialism,” but merely its distortion. Following this line of thought, it is enough to introduce “real Marxism” to bring happiness and affluence to humanity. However, each successive attempt to introduce the “real” version of the ideology actually ends in the same way!



Thus, the photograph taken in the ancient Basilica of Constantine, which belonged to the Catholic Archbishop of Trier in the Middle Ages and is used by heretics today, shows the three “plagues” that contributed to the miserable condition of modern Europe: the Protestant Revolution, Marxism and the European Union.


Interestingly enough, the partial celebration of Karl Marx’s birth in the temple did not meet with any apparent protest from the Protestant owners of the facility.




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