„Deus vult” or the death of Europe

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„Deus vult” or the death of Europe
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The Old Continent is breaking down under the pressure of the Muslim civilization regaining its vitality. Having been under the European thumb for centuries Muslims are taking revenge. However the clash of the West and the East happening before our eyes isn’t anything new in the history of the human race. There is also a well-tried method to gain a victory.


Christian-Arab and Christian-Turkish conflicts, nowadays replaced by the rivalry between post-Christian Europe and more and more fundamentalist Islam, appeared at the beginning of promoting Muhammad’s teachings. However our ancestors found effective defensive means.


The first military rivalry between followers of Christ and those who paid heed to Muhammad’s arguments took place already a few years after the death of the creator of Islam. The seventh century was replete with wars between the Byzantine Empire and the first caliphate. Muslims very often triumphed. Their victorious march against the Empire was stopped only by “Greek fire”.


The sword of Islam also pierced the body of North Africa which was Christian that time and soon reached the Western world. Arabs trod the Spanish Kingdom of the Visigoths underfoot and having crossed the Pyrenees, more less a century after Muhammad’s death, threatened the Kingdom of the Franks. Only at the Battle of Poitiers, so in the region of Aquitaine, Charles Martel crushed the invincible armies of Arabs.


It is worth realizing the location of this famous battle. It took place just about 300 kilometers away from Paris.


The Western world has changed radically since then. The mainstream of religious life in all Christian denominations has become a sort of  “rationalized”, political life has been separated from spiritual life by force or using a stratagem and only very few followers of Christ are ready to fight for the Faith.


But almost nothing has changed in the Muslim mind and it does not matter if the follower of Allah lives in Qatar, Syria or a suburban Paris ghetto. Muslims are still ready to fight for their ideals, they still believe that their social and religious life should be determined by Muslim principles. In the meantime Europe has turned out to be extremely ignorant: it let hundreds of thousands of Muslims in, passing a death sentence on itself. A pardon might be only granted by the Highest Authority.


Before Europe was engulfed by revolutionary madness, which infected even a part of the Catholic Church, the elite of the Christianitas – it means deeply religious rulers, theologians and monks with enlightened minds, and pious popes – all of them knew that it was necessary to fight against Islam, not to negotiate. Battle was done in many ways, but the motivation was always the same: love. Love for the brethren in the faith who suffered persecution at the hands of Muslims and love for the erroneous infidels. This love following the example of the most perfect love of Jesus Christ for people made St. Francis go to the ruler of Syria and Egypt, sultan Al-Kamil, during the crusades. The monk of Assisi risked his life entering the borders of a Muslim country and standing before a monarch, who could kill him at any moment and in any way. Francis did not appear at the sultan’s court in order to sign a political treaty or for an ecumenical dialogue. On the contrary, he called the Sunni Muslim to abandon the errors of Islam.


That event took place at the time of fierce fights between Catholic knights and the ancestors of today’s assassins, about a hundred years after a clear declaration had been heard at the Council of Clermont: Deus vult! God wills it – as was believed by those who marched throughout the Old Continent to the remote Holy Land, as was believed by peasants and burgesses, and clergymen, and people of noble birth, and monarchs, and popes.


The battle cry of Deus vult postponed the threat of Greek Christians’ sudden defeat in the eleventh century. Doughty defenders of Europe gathered under this motto and banner of the Cross for centuries, regardless of the threat coming from Saracens, Seljuks or Ottomans. Irrespective of defending Paris, Rome, Constantinople or Jerusalem. The crusading ideal motivated knights at Poitiers, Manziker, Hittin, Varna or Vienna. It lasted for centuries and ensured safety to the West.


Today’s Europe, hostile to Christianity, manages to respond to Islamic attacks only with embarrassing marches and empty declarations. Not only leftist armchair intellectuals lack the spirit of knighthood. Also politicians, declaring to be Christian, take part in this absurd conjuring of reality.

Numerous Catholics, including the faithful, priests and bishops are a far cry from the knightly ideals. But Pope Urban II, who called for the first crusade, is today blessed and the creator of the victorious Holy League at Battle of Lepanto, Pius V is a saint.


Therefore if Europe wants to survive, it must use well-tried solutions, use the Cross as In hoc signo vinces – in this sign you will conquer. The loud and clear battle cry of Deus vult – God wills it – must resound. If the Old Continent doesn’t kneel before the Creator, it will give its neck to the sword of Islam.


There is no third way.


Michał Wałach

Translation: jjf

DATA: 2018-01-03 11:03
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