Did Poland eventually lose World War II because of Trump?

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Did Poland eventually lose World War II because of Trump?
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“The signature of Just Act 447 by U.S. President Donald Trump is the biggest failure of the Republic of Poland during the last several dozen years,” comment Ewa Kurek, Witold Gadowski and Stanisław Michalkiewicz in an interview to PCh24.pl.


On 9 May 2018, Poland eventually lost World War II. Can we call it otherwise? Just Act 447 means that Poles will have to pay Jews 300 milliard dollars for the fact that Germans murdered them during World War II,”, says Stanisław Michalkiewicz in an interview to PCh24.pl.


For the entire period of work on Just Act 447, the Polish government and the biggest influential centres remained silent on this issue. This is the best illustration of the mess into which Poland is sinking“, stresses the commentator.


The vast majority of Poles are not interested in the upcoming plundering of Polish property or believe in the government’s promises that everything will be all right and nothing bad will happen to us. A normal nation would blow such a government away like a tornado, but our nation... I will leave this without any comment,” concludes Michalkiewicz.




The Polish state should engage the best lawyers, prepare records of loss for each square centimetre of our Homeland and show the losses that we suffered to the world. Without this, we will be doomed to Jewish cries and further claims that we may receive from other countries soon,” says Ewa Kurek in an interview to PCh24.pl.


I am not a lawyer, so I am unable to comment upon Just Act 447 signed by Trump from a legal perspective. But there is one thing I know: it is an act of a foreign country that some consider to be Poland’s ally and its future depends on how it will be treated by the Polish authorities now and how the government will react to this,” stresses the historian.


Kurek points out similar activities that were formerly carried out by the U.S. authorities against Austria, Switzerland and other countries. “When the Swiss government refused to disclose ‘dead accounts’, the Americans threatened to freeze all Swiss assets in the USA and allied states. The Swiss government yielded to these pressures,” she recalls, adding that the USA may take similar actions against Poland soon.


We must remember that Austria was Hitler’s ally, which means that it was the aggressor of World War II. Attributing the same role to Poles is simply unbelievable. We must prepare a report of losses from World War II as soon as possible. It is not us who destroyed Jewish homes, set fire to Jewish houses and plundered Jewish property. But everyone can see how our government acts in Jewish matters and it is really very difficult to say what steps will be taken and what will be done ,” indicates Kurek.


From the legal side, I will say it again, it is completely illogical to me! How can a foreign state lay down the law for another state? On what grounds? Why is it trying to impose the law on us by force while declaring that it is our ally? For God’s sake, We did not start World War II, we did not pursue it, we did not destroy Warsaw and dozens of other Polish cities and villages. We are not responsible for the death of three million Poles! We were not beneficiaries of World War II,” stresses the historian.


In her view, the Polish state should engage the best lawyers, prepare records of loss for each square centimetre of our homeland and show the losses that we suffered to the world. “Without this, we will be doomed to Jewish cries and further claims that we may receive from other countries soon,” warns Kurek.


In her opinion, Just Act 447 is a consequence of the policy pursued by Polish authorities for the last few decades, which has promoted the Jewish narration and the pedagogy of shame. “For years there have been attempts to humiliate us, give us a complex and convince us into giving everything we have only due to the fact that we are alive. I say it again – this has been done mainly by the Polish government! Not Jewish, not American! POLISH! It was the Polish government that sponsored films such as ‘Aftermath’ or ‘Ida’, it was the Polish Television that bought the rights to broadcast ‘Generation War’, it was the Polish diplomatic posts that did not react to the allegations that Poland and Poles had murdered Jews in ‘Polish death camps’, it was the Institute of National Remembrance that organised conferences with Jan Tomasz Gross, it was the Polish ministries that subsidised slanders on Poles as persecutors of Jews with millions of zlotys,” she stresses.


Another typical example of the pedagogy of shame is the Jedwabne case. Only now can we see that the exhumation suspended by Rabbi Schudrich 17 years ago was aimed at convincing Poles and the whole world that we were murderers and should pay for this, preferably by giving all our properties and land. Although many Polish historians have campaigned for an exhumation in Jedwabne for years, all initiatives in this matter are still blocked by officials from the Ministry of Justice and the public prosecutor’s office. The conclusion is simple: the Polish authorities do not listen to historians – they prefer listening to liars. In the near future, these liars may say: ‘And now you have to pay 300 milliard dollars,’ and the Polish government will comply. This is the most frightening thing. We must ask if Polish authorities are able or at least willing to defend Poland and its citizens? I cannot find an answer to this question today. But there is one thing I know: the Poles are waking up and beginning to fight for the truth. The Poles are becoming more determined to defend the homeland and their property. I believe that they will not allow the government to make any deals with Jews and repay any unjustified claims,” concludes Kurek.




The signature of Just Act 447 by Donald Trump is the best proof that in politics there is no room for emotions, sentiments or beautiful words – only tough business counts. The President of the USA, who is called a friend of Poles, did not hesitate to sign the act that is favourable for his other friends who have more influence, more money and more bargaining power than Poles do,” says Witold Gadowski in an interview to PCh24.pl.


In his opinion, this situation is solely the fault of the Polish authorities, which have not fought properly for the interests of Poland and its citizens for years and still fail to do so. “If you are weak, others will exploit you. If Poland is weak and cannot overcome this, why would others not make use of that?” he stresses.


In Gadowski’s opinion, there is an opportunity to remedy this situation. “The Polish power is growing, as we can see in the case of the Katyń Monument in New Jersey. We are beginning to unite and act in the right way. We are beginning to defend ourselves on legal grounds and use the power of financial and political pressure. We are finally beginning to act not as a state, but as Poles, as citizens! I hope that this power will continue to grow. It must be organised and citizens must do it by themselves; as we can see, there is no reason to rely on politicians,” he remarks.


In the commentator’s opinion, Americans have all secret information about Poland and will not hesitate to use it if necessary. “We are afraid that the Kremlin has plenty of information about Poland and sometimes makes use of it depending on the current needs. In fact, the same goes for Americans, who will use similar information secretly, without much noise, to reach their goals – in this case, to earn milliards of dollars easily,” he stresses.


Gadowski does not expect any loud campaigns from Jewish circles in their fight for heirless property in Poland. “Everything will be done quietly. There are strong indications that Polish authorities will give everything by themselves. Any manifestations are unnecessary. Such deals are made silently, without unnecessary publicity,” he indicates.


Just Act 447 is inconsistent with all codes of international law. It is actually a consequence of political Darwinism and the law of the strongest, which is later pushed into the logic of Roman law,” stresses the commentator.


He thinks that much depends on Poles living abroad at the moment. “The Polish government is weak, incompetent and simply ineffective. It is more patriotic than previous governments, indeed, but I say it again: it is INEFFECTIVE! We must handle this on our own. We must organise our power and fight for our good name and property by ourselves. A small test of this was the case of the Katyń Monument in Jersey City, which showed that Poles have the power, but they must get organised. They cannot argue, but act in the Polish interest. We can win only when we are united,” concludes Gadowski.


Tomasz D. Kolanek


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The author is right that Poland is not responsible for the Second World War and its outcomes, however, the properties that used to belong to private people and businesses before the war, may either need to be returned or the owners financially compensated. A solution agreeable to parties involved must be found so Poland can grow free from this aspect of the past.
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