Father Isakowicz-Zaleski’s strong words about abuses in Church

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Father Isakowicz-Zaleski’s strong words about abuses in Church
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Father Isakowicz-Zaleski, a Polish Catholic priest, called the document by Archbishop Vigano 'a symptom of a disease that has been afflicting the Church for decades'. He said that Archbishop Vigano believed that abuses couldn’t continue and that public opinion should be informed about them.


'I do not want to judge Archbishop Vigano or the content of the letter, but this is an unprecedented situation' – said Father Isakowicz-Zaleski in Polish public TV (TVP). He also added that it is an unprecedented situation, that ‘such an important member of the Church hierarchy wrote a letter with such strong accusations'. He said as well that he didn’t know if the accusations were true.


Father Isakowicz-Zaleski appeared in Jan Pospieszalski’s talk-show Warto Rozmawiać’ (3 September.)


'Where does the problem lie? In my opinion, the same disease has been returning for many years. It is simply corruption of some clergy – it is very sad, because it concerns very important members of the Catholic Hierarchy: cardinals, bishops, also Roman Curia employees – who allowed pro-homosexual activity […] and, what is even worse, let cover it up' – said Polish priest.


‘This is a voice of a just prophet, who says that this is no longer possible’ – said Father Isakowicz-Zaleski about Archbishop Vigano. He added, that ‘in recent history I do not know about any other public call from an archbishop or a cardinal to the Pope to resign from office’.

said the priest. He said also that if the Church didn’t find a solution to the problem of homo-heresy it may disintegrate.


According to Father Isakowicz-Zaleski ‘the degree of depravity is enormous’. He added that Pope Francis’ silence is not good for him and for the Church. He also said that the Pope, as Servant of the servants of God, should say something. 


According to Father Isakowicz-Zaleski, the silence of the Pope suggests that he is incapable of telling the truth (...) – At this point, the only solution is to tell the whole truth despite the pain.


Father Isakowicz-Zaleski said also that the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Józef Kowalczyk, was a close friend of Archbishop Paetz".The latter was accused of sexual abuses, but his case has still not been resolved (after 16 years).


Father Isakowicz-Zaleski said that the Pope had gained knowledge about the case of Archbishop Paetz from a laywoman, Prof. Wanda Półtawska. Polish priest also criticized 40 bishops for going to celebrate the 80th birthday of the former Apostolic Nuncio.


According to Father Isakowicz-Zaleski priests who know about sexual abuses are crushed because there exists ‘a strong lobby at the top’ and those who talk openly about abuses have to ‘to hide behind the camera’ or ‘blur their image’.


He said a breakthrough is needed in the Polish Church in the case of homosexuals. He also added that some bishops admit ‘people who clearly have homosexual tendencies’ into seminaries – which is contrary to Benedict XVI’s rulings.


Father Isakowicz-Zaleski is a pastor of the Armenian community. He has also spoken about some priests’ cooperation with Communist secret services (SB). In 2006 Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz forbade him to speak publicly about that issue. 


Sources: TVP Info / pch24.pl


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