For YouTube anything might be hate speech. Estonian conservative organization censored

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For YouTube anything might be hate speech. Estonian conservative organization censored

Objektiiv, the channel belonging to the Estonian Foundation for Defense of Family and Tradition (SAPTK), has been again censored by YouTube. This time one of the programs, which was a political commentary, was recognized as “hate speech”. The management of the platform didn’t give any reason for removing the film and couldn’t indicate any statement contrary to the policy of YouTube.


On December 4, 2019 YouTube removed one of the programs, in which Markus Jarvi talked about the phenomenon of the so-called deep state, or undemocratic entities exercising the real power behind the scenes. The management of the platform recognized that the video didn’t comply with the binding standards and that it “promoted violence or hatred towards persons or groups”. Varro Vooglaid, the president of the Estonian organization, commented it for us.


“There is no rational answer to the question what the so-called hate speech is. That was a very polite and balanced opinion, which even didn’t give rise to controversy, about the phenomenon of the so-called deep state. It was a very theoretical discussion on the fact whether democracy in our country is in danger. We should have a democratic government but in practice there are a lot of factors affecting our politics from behind the scenes – secret service or administrative personnel that were not chosen by anybody” – the President of SAPTK Varro Vooglaid told our website.


“Those entities accumulate huge power which is contrary to the principle of a democratic state” – he says. – “This is why we are so much puzzled why it was treated as the so-called hate speech, we didn’t accuse anybody – I repeat – it was a very theoretical discussion. I have no idea how it could be possibly classified in such categories?” – he wonders.


Vooglaid states that reading closely the definition of the so-called hate speech there is no possibility to qualify their program as one of its manifestations. Asked if the decision of YouTube could be interpreted as a kind of declaration which meant, “Be careful, we could remove anything you say without a possibility to appeal”, the president of SAPTK confirmed.


“Of course you could appeal, writing a sentence containing 300 characters including spaces. In reality it means two or three sentences. And nobody, absolutely nobody answers them. They say they have read your complaint but don’t accept you are right and refer to the previous stand. Freedom in full bloom” – he makes an ironic remark.


This is the fourth time the management of YouTube has removed the content of the Objektiiv channel. Previously they targeted some programs exposing the real story behind financing NGOs which promote the LGBT agenda and theoretical premises of cultural Marxism.

“This shows how dangerous the notion of the so-called hate speech is. In reality absolutely anything, which doesn’t fit the leftist worldview, may be brought under this category” – he concludes.


The deliberate character of censorship might be determined by the fact, hat films are removed during or after fundraising campaigns of the Foundation. As a non-governmental organization, SAPTK supports themselves only thanks to their donors.



DATA: 2019-12-29 09:27
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