He brought us to World Cup. Robert Lewandowski is not ashamed of Jesus! [Video in 8 languages]

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He brought us to World Cup. Robert Lewandowski is not ashamed of Jesus! [Video in 8 languages]

Robert Lewandowski almost single - handedly brought Polish national team to World Cup in Russia. Scoring 16 goals, he became best striker in world cup qualifications. Beside being great footballer, polish international is also a religious man. He is not ashamed of Jesus!


Because of incoming match against Senegal, we would like to remind you - on YouTube Polonia Christiana channel you will find a recording of a leading Polish striker from the action ‘I am not ashamed of Jesus’. It’s translated into 8 languages: EnglishArabicRussianSlovakGermanFrenchSpanish and Portuguese.


Do you have any friends abroad, interested in football? Share this video with them! Let them see the famous footballer bravely talking about his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ!


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