Krakow, prayer support for Abp Marek Jędraszewski. Let’s not be afraid to preach the Truth!

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Krakow, prayer support for Abp Marek Jędraszewski. Let’s not be afraid to preach the Truth!
Abp Marek Jędraszewski. FOT.:Piotr Guzik/FORUM

Almost 5 thousand faithful gathered under the Papal Window at Franciszkańska 3 in Krakow to support Abp Marek Jędraszewski aggressively attacked for his words of truth about the danger of LGBT ideology. The gathered people not only stood up for their Archbishop but also appealed to priests and the government to take action to defend Poland against the decline of faith and identity.

”From this place we appeal to our Polish priests, don’t be afraid to preach the truth according to the Gospel, speak up about the dangers to our children, our families, our Church, which is also to Poland and its Christian values!,” Dariusz Walusiak, one of the organizers of the prayer in support of the archbishop of Krakow, appealed on behalf of the gathered people.

It was an exceptional event. Not only because of the large number of the faithful, who coming there wanted to show the Archbishop their gratitude for his words of truth (their number was a lot higher than the number of protestors in front of the Krakow Curia a few days earlier), but also because of the atmosphere of prayer and togetherness that accompanied the Cracovians during the meeting under the Papal Window.

The faithful gathered at Franciszkańska were determined to stand up for their Krakow Shepherd but also stressed that further inaction might mean a sad end for Poland and the Church. For any further consent to give free hand to LGBT+ circles in public life might strike the family, children and tradition.

That is why in the opinion of the participants the attitude of priests is so important and that is why they were encouraged to bravely preach the Truth. “Recall the Catholic teaching of the Church on the true family, on what the Sixth Commandment means and on the danger of sodomic sins and causing scandals by promoting them. |Remember the words of St. Paul, ‘For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against … spiritual forces of evil (Eph 6.12).’”

The faithful expect from the bishops that they “deal with the Catholic circles which renounced orthodoxy a long time ago and actually stood at the forefront of the sexual revolution promoting homo-heresy, and by their actions blurring sin and causing confusion amongst the faithful.”

Also the role of the government is no less important. The participants of the meeting at Franciszkańska expected that they “strongly oppose those who are fighting with Christianity, with the Church, with the Polish tradition and morality!”

“It’s not enough that you have refused to legalize homosexual unions! We demand concrete action – an immediate denouncement of the gender Istanbul Convention, that you quickly, in this term, pass legislation to ban the corruption of sexual education, enact legislation to ban the promotion of degradation on Polish streets and severely persecute and punish those who desecrate all that the Polish hold holy,” they appealed.

Priests, we are with you!
The gathering at Franciszkańska 3 had a religious character. The faithful prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Joyful Mystery of the Rosary and the Litany of the Polish Nation. There were religious songs, too. Not only the Cracovians came under the Papal Window but also people from other towns, some from far away, including a group of Highlanders who declared that they were ready to fight for Poland where “the healthy father and mother-headed family reigns supreme”.

This support is very important. As Arkadiusz Stelmach, the vice-president of the Fr. Piotr Skarga Association of Christian Culture, stated, today LGBT+ circles are ferociously attacking our Faith and morality on an unprecedented scale. There are physical and verbal attacks on priests and bishops only because they recall the evangelical truth on homosexual acts and the nature of sexual revolution. “It’s clear that the anti-Christian revolution is in a new, aggressive phase. There was a time when Catholics were derided, their Faith was undermined. Today anti-Catholic aggression is gaining momentum – in a symbolic dimension and in a form of blasphemies – but there is also violence. We remember the recent horrifying attacks on priests,” he stated.

He added that this revolution, having a global character, may count on a huge financial support, which can be seen in film productions and in the world of culture. But we have to resist it. “It’s the highest time to manifest our readiness and unity with our Shepherds, particularly with those who clearly stand by Catholic teaching, who clearly speak about marriage, the family and human sexuality. … In the face of the extreme witch hunt, [LGBT+ propagators] getting into schools, getting our children, depraving them, it’s time for us to show our Shepherds that we are with them and that we are going to be with them to bravely stand by Our Lord, by the Truth. And we, the faithful, will not leave them alone and will support them,” he said.

Krystian Kratiuk, the editor-in-chief of, thinks that this Krakow demonstration might awake the Poles, their very often dormant and sometimes intimidated conscience. “It may become a popular uprising in a symbolic way similar to Solidarity. Because the revolution that time many Poles fought against has not ended at all but only changed its skin. It’s not red but rainbow. The West has already surrendered to it totally. We may face up to it,” he stated. He also added that in the media there is a dominant opinion that Catholics “are ashamed of” the words Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski said. “For they invite such Catholic circles to speak up, whom a long time ago Cardinal Dziwisz described as the ones who renounced orthodoxy. And it is such events as the Saturday gathering under the Papal Window that show that Catholics in large part still stand by the teaching of Christ and the Gospel and defend the normal family and will always be ready to defend the bishops and priests who defend the deposit of Faith. If God permits, it will bolster up the courage of the priests who decided to bury their heads in the sand or join the promotion of sexual revolution,” he said.

Under the Papal Window the words of gratitude to the Archbishop were expressed and assurance that the faithful were with their Shepherd. The faithful also sang loudly, “Sto lat” [which literally means “A hundred years” to wish someone longevity] and shouted, “Thank you.”

The prayer meeting according to different sources gathered from 3000 to 5000 people. The estimates vary as many people, who arrived at Franciszkańska 3, participated in the event in the shadow of trees in Planty, escaping thus the scorching sun.


Marcin Austyn



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