Local governments used to defend normality, but now they are building bridgeheads for homo-depravity

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Local governments used to defend normality, but now they are building bridgeheads for homo-depravity

A decade and a half ago, Polish local governments tried – with some success – to resist the offensive of the homo-lobby, supported by the post-Communist government, promoting “tolerance”. Today, they are being transformed into some kind of a bypass for the “haters” of the State authorities, which will create in big cities bridgeheads for homo-depravity to prepare ground for future homo-dictatorship. However, such bypasses are being implanted by drooling and impatient degenerates, so the hope is that most likely their operation, despite apparent success, will eventually fail.


In recent days, we have witnessed debates in the local governments of two most important Polish cities – the former and the current capitals – showing the engagement of local authorities in planned demoralisation of the youth under the pretext of sexual education and fighting with “hate speech”. The Council of Warsaw passed so-called LGBT+ charter of the Trzaskowski-Rabiej tandem, according to which public schools are to teach sexual education based on the scandalous standards of the World Health Organisation. Members of the Warsaw Parents Protest, who wanted to participate in the debate, were silenced and verbally abused by leftist activists.


In Kraków, the debate concerned a resolution (which, in the end, was not enacted) on “eliminating hate speech from the education system”, which was an attack at the head of the Małopolskie region Education Authority, Barbara Nowak, who fiercely defended children against deprivation by sex-educators. The fact of removing from a meeting of the Council of Kraków Magdalena Czarnik of the Parents Protect Children association, who wanted to remind (or raise the awareness of) how hideous and disfiguring for the young mind is the content propagated by homosexual organisations and gender educators allowed into schools under the pretext of tolerance lessons, is, for me, symbolic.


A couple of years ago, I participated in a heated debate in the Council of Kraków, triggered by the intrusion to our country of the homo-lobby with its destructive ideology. However, at that time, the reality was completely different. Nobody removed from the Council's meeting parents who were worried by the threats the moral revolution meant for their children; to the contrary, they were invited to a conference that was taking place at that moment, which, based on today's standards, would be called “homophobic”. But let me explain from the beginning.


Provocation – “exploration by combat”

Exactly 15 years ago, the news exploded that Kraków would be the venue of so-called Days of Gay and Lesbian Culture, during which, on the day of procession with Saint Stanislaus' relics to Skałka, gay and lesbian activists would march to Wawel. The provocative and confrontational towards the Polish culture and Christian identity nature of the event was apparent from the very beginning, but the organiser – Campaign Against Homophobia – deceitfully claimed that it was supposed to be a demonstration for tolerance and human rights, which were allegedly being broken in Poland at that time.


Thanks to a huge campaign for signing a protest against the event, organised by the Father Piotr Skarga Association for Christian Culture,, more than 30,000 (sic!) protests were sent to the Rector of Jagiellonian University and the Mayor of the City within two weeks. The Association also organised a conference in the City Office on the threats associated with legalising homosexual partnerships. Other Catholic organisations protested, too, and the Kraków metropolitan bishop, Cardinal Franciszek Macharski, issued a statement, which, although in a cautious way, reminded the Church teaching on homosexuality and pleaded with the city Authorities to learn their lesson from the protests.


Being a city councillor at that time, me and my colleagues appealed to the city Mayor, Jacek Majchrowski, to immediately ban pervert events in municipal cultural institutions, as well as their manifestations. We underlined the provocative nature of the event as well as the fact that the agenda of the “Days” included activities to “raise the awareness” of secondary school students, which is systematic deprivation of young people. In response, we were furiously attacked by… the “Gazeta Wyborcza” daily and Michnicoids scattered around various editing boards, who, to the contrary, besought the Mayor to not issue such a ban.


The chair of the city Mayor at the time was occupied by none other than Jacek Majchrowski, associated with the post-Communist SLD party, who remains in office in the Wielopolski Palace to this day. Even though he did not ban the manifestation, he tried to distance himself from it, ordering the municipal cultural institutions to withdraw from the organisation of events associated with the “Days”.


It was evident that the march would end in a confrontation, although the organisers changed its date in the last moment. When the homosexual manifestation, protected by a thick cordon of police officers, supported by leftist activists, marched down the Planty and Grodzka Street towards Wawel, it was confronted by a group of several hundred local people. They were joined by supporters of two football clubs, normally at war with one another. Members of the counter-manifestation sat down on the ground, and because they were too numerous to be removed by the Police (who did not even seem to be willing to do so), the march could not be continued. There was some jostling and even beating up of activists after the march was terminated. “A brown spot on the map of Poland”, “Hunting for homosexuals in Kraków” – such were the headlines in German and French newspapers.


Thus, in 2004, we witnessed a phenomenon that, in military terminology, is called “exploration by combat”. The experiment showed that Poles have not yet been sufficiently pacified by liberal propaganda and that events promoting perversion will be resisted. Soon, a similar march – the Equality Parade in the country's capital was banned by Lech Kaczyński, the mayor of Warsaw at the time.


Against legalisation of homosexual partnerships

But homosexuals did not satisfy themselves with marching only. A draft law on registering civil partnerships was submitted to the Sejm. It had been developed by a group of post-Communist leftist activists, who tried to use the last year of their government, increasingly discredited by subsequent scandals, to accelerate a moral revolution. The whole country resounded with protests of various Catholic circles. Again, the largest and most spectacular protest was organised by the Father Piotr Skarga Association for Christian Culture, despite the efforts to silence it undertaken by the SLD government trying to force the Polish Post to not send mail from the protesters. Civil Register Officers, risking being fired, declared en masse that they would not exercise a law that was against their moral and ethical system.


Once again, the Council of Kraków proved exceptionally unwelcoming to homo-activists, having passed an appeal to the Polish Sejm to dismiss the draft law as soon as possible, and supporting the protesting Civil Register Officers. “The Council of Kraków wishes to protest against the attempt to introduce to the Polish legal system regulations that degrade the family by equalising it with partnerships of disorderly – or even, according to the vast majority of the society – deviant nature”, said the resolution, nota bene written by the author of this present article. The resolution was approved by most Councillors, namely from the Polish Families League, the Law and Justice party and… the Civic Platform party. (Yes, yes, at the times when Rafał Trzaskowski drank French quotations from the lips of Professor Geremek, even in his own party there were some just people, not many but still). Our resolution became a model for many other local governments in Poland, which also appealed in a similar manner to the Members of Parliament.


Even if not decisive, they certainly played a role in preventing the legalisation of homosexual partnerships. Death of the Holy Father John Paul II triggered a change in the political atmosphere in the country, as a result of which, homosexuals had to forget for many years about their dream of legal partnerships.


A blunder – hideous leaflets issued by “Lambda”

This does not mean to say that they abandoned their activity, quite to the contrary. In Kraków, they reappeared a few months later. In association with AIDS-related workshops, homosexuals from the “Lambda” Association distributed among young people leaflets so hideous and obscene that they shocked even leftist politicians. Those were, among other things, quotations from those leaflets that the 2019 city councillors, who removed Magdalena Czarnik from their meeting a couple of days ago, could not stand. Those leaflets contained detailed descriptions of deviant sexual acts, not only homosexual, but also with elements of sadism, masochism and coprophagia… After fierce protests by councillors, the Kraków City Hall finally distanced itself from “Lambda” and Mayor Jacek Majchrowski declared withdrawal from cooperation with the Association.


Only then did at least part of the public opinion realise that it had been absurd in the first place for the City Hall to invite hundreds of young people to Kraków for AIDS workshops organised by homosexuals rather than qualified physicians. It is as if to ask criminals to give university lectures on penal law, although they are the group most exposed to the effect of that law. It was also finally acknowledged that the very fact of a local government cooperating with an organisation determined to promote hideous deviations was scandalous.


After all, the superior goal of all lesbian and gay organisations is to cause moral destruction among young Poles. It is only possible to build a new super-tolerant society without any values and accepting every deviation, if the traditional morality lays in ruins. A society, where all deviant partnerships will be treated the same as marriages, or will even have special rights, such as the right to adopt and raise children.


In my speech concerning that scandal, I noted that, although the entire homosexual agenda in our country is conducted in a systematic and consistent manner, some of its activists do happen to blunder in a systematic way. Patience is not their virtue, due to the fact that they live relatively short. This is due to their lifestyle, which is an endless chain of violations against the nature. Thus, they have to hurry and make mistakes as a result.


It seems that the recent events in the local government in Kraków and especially in Warsaw show that this statement remains to be true. Too abrupt and too sudden pushing by the Trzaskowski-Rabej tandem of the LGBT+ package and gender education, combined with enunciations concerning the adoption of children by homosexual couples, is one of such blunders, and – hopefully – it will show the public opinion in our country how hideous the goals of the homo-lobby are, who stretch their dirty hands to grasp our children, and will cement the determination of the defenders of normality in Poland.


Piotr Doerre

DATA: 2019-04-23 11:08
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