Now available! The film THEIR REAL AIMS in English

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Now available! The film THEIR REAL AIMS in English

To meet our viewers’ expectations, the portal prepared an English version of the film “Their Real Aims,” which exposes the social-political strategy of the LGBT movement. In spite of documentary being removed by the administrators of YouTube, it has gotten a lot of publicity in Poland. Now it is high time for the truth about the gender-homosexual agenda to reach beyond our frontiers.


„Their Real Aims” is the first Polish documentary which comprehensively shows the aims and strategy of LGBT circles. It presents opinions of experts, observers of social life and of activists defending traditional family. In addition, there are cut-in shots of the so-called equality marches and parades which in a very vivid way make us aware of the reality dominated by representatives of the so-called sexual minority.



The film not only describes but also diagnoses the presented problem and attempts to show the disturbing vision of society ruled at the biding of a noisy handful of lobbyists. The politically correct world of all sorts of “liberties” and “equalities” in fact turns out to be one huge rainbow dictatorship. In that world, it is totally uncontrollable sexuality, which makes everybody its own slave since childhood, that rules.


The truth about the homosexual internationale for obvious reasons was not liked by the administrators of YouTube who quickly decided to block not only the film but also the whole „Their True Aims” channel. It’s another example of successes achieved by the homosexual lobby in recent years which determine the framework of media discussion, corporate culture and even educational standards.

For that reason, answering to many requests of the viewers, the portal prepared an English version of the film. We invite you to watch it, make it available and forward it to your friends around the whole world.



To meet our viewers’ expectations, the portal prepared an English version of the film “Their Real Aims,”


We ecourage you to share, like and send ths film to your friends and families. Let everyone know the truth behind LGBT movement.


To watch our new decumentary click HERE.

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