Over 265,000 Poles supported the project defending children against the demands of LGBT activists

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Over 265,000 Poles supported the project defending children against the demands of LGBT activists

On Wednesday, July the 17th, over 260,000 signatures under the civic legislative project ‘Stop Pedophilia’ were submitted to the Polish parliament. Its purpose is to protect children from sexual violence from LGBT activists and to prevent the mentioned activists from promoting sexual promiscuity between children and adolescents. The Parliament has now three months to submit the legislative project to undergo voting.


Through the entirety of Poland a significant social campaign is taking place, financed by international corporations, that aim to sexually arouse Polish children and familiarize the whole society with the concept of homosexuality as a normal phenomenon. The so-called ‘sexual educators’, associated with LGBT organizations, enter schools across Poland and encourage students to masturbate, to engage in sexual intercourses, and question their gender identity. Additionally, the LGBT lobby undertakes attempts to organize events such as the ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ in Poland, events which have been provoking parents’ protests for a long time in the USA and Western Europe.


These types of activities are officially supported by the authorities of large Polish cities, such as Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kraków, and Poznań. The President of Warsaw, the capital of Poland,  adopted the so-called LGBT+ card a few months ago, under which he pledged to introduce sexual ‘education’ throughout the city schools, which is to begin already in September. In addition, Warsaw may allocate over one million dollars in the near future for the promotion of LGBT sexual ‘education’ in urban institutions and public spaces. LGBT sexual ‘education’ lessons have been on for over a year in cities such as Gdansk and Poznan. And more cities are planning to introduce it. Simultaneously, homosexual ‘equality parades’ are organized throughout Poland, the aim of which is to familiarize the entire society, mainly children and young people, with homosexuality. This year the LGBT lobby organized a record number of such parades. In reaction to this, in April started the collection of signatures under the civic legislative project ‘Stop Pedophilia’ organized in Poland by the pro-life foundation ‘Pro-Prawo do Życia’, the largest organization in the country fighting against abortion and sexual depravation of children. ‘In the face of aggressive promotion of homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, and impurity among children and adolescents, there is an urgent need to increase the protection of children against demoralization and sexual violence’ says Mariusz Dzierżawski, member of the board of the ProPrawo do Życia foundation. ‘LGBT activists largely accustom children with topics that destroy their sense of shame, that is a natural protection against sexual abuse. It is a pedophilic activity and we the citizens must oppose it, because the ruling politicians who claim to be Catholic, right-wing, and conservative do absolutely nothing in this matter’ - adds Dzierżawski. The project written by the foundation ‘Pro-Prawo do Życia’ provides a fine or up to 2 years of prison for public praising of sexual intercourse and other sexual activities among people under 18 years old. Such situations, which would otherwise take place in schools or other educational institutions, will be punishable by imprisonment of up to 3 years. At the moment, the Polish Penal Code does not provide penalties for encouraging children to undergo sexual intercourse, masturbation, or other sexual perversions, which is strongly used by the LGBT activists.


The Polish law provides that after collecting at least 100,000 signatures of citizens' support within three months, the parliament is obliged to consider the project and submit it for voting. The foundation volunteers collected signatures throughout the country from mid-April to mid-July. On Wednesday, July the 17th, the process was officially completed and during the press conference, held in front of the parliament building, over 265,000 signatures of project support were gathered.

Signature collections were repeatedly disrupted by the LGBT activists who tried to prevent Poles from expressing support for the project. ‘Attacks on our volunteers, obstructing the collection of signatures, blocking access to our assemblies, theft of signature cards, destruction of property, devastation of our cars, inciting to violence and vandalism in social media.’ These are just some of the acts of aggression from LGBT communities with whom we had to face during the last months‘ says Dawid Wachowiak, one of the coordinators of the “Stop Pedophilia” project.


Collecting signatures of support for the civic legislative initiative was also made difficult due to the near-complete censorship and collective silence of majority of the media, both on the left and right side of the political scene. Most of the Catholic media were reluctant to inform about the action, and even some of them publicly criticized it. All signatures were collected thanks to the bottom-up social movement of the Foundation's volunteers and thousands of ordinary citizens, in particular parents and teachers, who want to defend their children from the LGBT lobby.



Currently, the Polish parliament has three months to consider the „Stop Pedophilia” project. However, the foundation ‘Pro-Prawo do Życia’, announces that the action will not end only with parliamentary procedures. ‘The ‘Stop Pedophilia’ Action will continue to take place throughout the country. We will make Poles aware that in the West of Europe and America, there has been aggressive promotion of sexual promiscuity and homosexuality between children for a long time, what most Poles have no knowledge of. The same begins to happen in our country and we must be ready to defend from it. We will also be informing about the connections between LGBT activists and ‘sexual educators’ with pedophilia. That opens the eyes of thousands of Poles, who then join in the defense of children against promiscuity’- explains Dzierżawski. The foundation has already released, among others, a free guide ‘How to stop a pedophile?’ for parents and teachers for this purpose. In which it informs about the scale of systemic sexual depravation of children in Western European countries and America and advises on how to protect children from LGBT activists at a school or kindergarten. The guide spread over a few months in over 100,000 copies.


Fundacja Pro-Prawo do życia



Photo attachments:

1) Stop Pedophilia Civic Legislative Project press conference in front of the parliament building

2) One of the Stop Pedophilia cars, which informed Poles about the plans of the LGBT lobby towards polish children, destroyed by the LGBT activists

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