Poland wants to be a Kingdom of Christ

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Poland wants to be a Kingdom of Christ
Fot. Lukasz Dejnarowicz / FORUM

Has the Act of Acceptance of Christ as King and Lord proclaimed a year ago on November 19th, 2016 in Krakow – in the presence of the Polish Episcopate and President of Poland – and repeated the next day in all Polish churches renewed the face of our land in any way? 


Let’s give a straight answer – simple and without any hesitation – definitely yes! It’s hard to overestimate the importance of this act. Whatever we might say about the act itself, the way it was proclaimed and its compliance with the revelations Our Lord gave Rozalia Celak, an apostle of enthronement of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, it’s hard not to perceive its epoch-making importance as a movement being totally against the tide of an inexorable – as it might have seemed so far – tsunami of widespread secularization; as physically impossible (“but not for God; for God all things are possible” – Mk 10:27) movement up an inclined plane (we trust Our Lord that it’s a uniformly accelerated one); as “a sign that will be opposed so that the inner thoughts of many will be revealed” (Lk 2:34-35).


For as the whole world is brutally removing Jesus Christ and His Gospel from all of its space, both metaphysical (souls, hearts and minds) and physical (history, politics, social life, customs, attitudes, behavior and churches universally turned into public utility of higher social importance, such as: pubs, swimming pools, shopping malls – for it is still being stopped from total devastation of Christian past monuments thanks to slowly crumbling remains of its past culture), Poland as the only country in the whole world turns with humbly bowed head to Jesus Christ to openly declare that He has His holy and never expired right to it and that it recognizes His reign over it, subjects to His Law and puts itself in His hands and consecrates to Him in its entirety.


As the post-Christian world, brainwashed by democratic superstitions, by the law of democracy divinizes man, making him not even “the measure of all things” (such sinless thoughts could have had Greeks – honest truth seekers, who only lacked the Revelation to achieve their target), but rather the only source and summit of the world order, the only creator and entitled destructor of reality, the alpha and omega of novi ordinis saeculorum – Poles as the only nation in the world, on their knees, as the majesty of the King requires, turn to the Highest Monarch in order to beg Him on their knees to reign in their hearts, families, parishes, schools and universities, Polish social communication means, offices, places of work, service, leisure facilities, Polish cities and villages, throughout the Polish Nation and State, confessing before Heaven and earth that they need His rule over the whole nation both within the borders of their Fatherland and throughout the world. That’s why they pledge to build the Kingdom of Christ and defend it in their nation, that’s why they pledge to preach the royal glory of the Son of God!


As the post-Christian world falls prostrate before Lucifer, the Polish nation renounces the evil spirit and all his works, ask forgiveness for all their sins, for turning away from the holy Faith and for their lack of love for God and their neighbor, in particular for the social sins of their nation and all the defects, addictions and enslavement.


As the post-Christian world drunk with the democratic paradigm justifies the most hideous violation of the order of creation and natural law given to it by its Creator, promoting terrible, antihuman perversions and making the ugliest deviations a norm, the Polish nation as the only one in the world commits itself to ordering its entire personal, family and national life according to the Law of God and then pledges to protect the integrity of Polish consciences, care for the sanctity of Polish families and Christian education of their children and engage actively in the life of the Church and protect her rights.


Raise your spirits and your heads

By the Act of Acceptance of Jesus Christ as King and Lord Poland proved beyond any doubt, that it is the last bastion of Western civilization. Poles cried in polyphonic unison: “Christ, reign over us!” and proved their loyalty not only to Christ but also to the Latin Christianitas, or to such world order in which – as St. Augustine of Hippo synthetically stated – God is first and all other things are in their proper place. “there is no authority except from God” – St. Paul teaches – “and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God” (Rom 13:1). Jesus Christ is the King of the universe and thanks to His power, not their own (not even mentioning such idiocy as the social contract or similar Enlightenment or positivist nonsense) earthly rulers rule nations.


We can only rejoice at the fact that the solemn proclamation of the Act of Acceptance of Jesus Christ as King and Lord was in the presence of both the leaders of the Polish Church and the President of Poland. If only the highest state authorities in their everyday duties would follow the words of the Gospel and the Ten Commandments, focusing – according to the proposal by Father Piotr Skarga – on guiding with wisdom and justice the people of God given to their care so our Fatherland, always loyal to God, could bring glory to His Name and lead its sons to eternal bliss…


“You, the only Ruler of states, nations and of all creation, the King of kings and Lord of lords! We entrust to you the Polish State and Poland’s rulers. Make them all those who exercise power do so with justice and govern rightly in accordance with your Laws” – the supreme representative of the Polish Republic prayed together with the hierarchy, clergy and faithful people. He prayed as the guarantor of its state authorities’ continuity, the guardian of the constitution, sovereignty, national security and inviolability and integrality of its territory.

Now we are waiting – and God is waiting – for suiting actions to the words of this prayer. For Our Lord never leaves supplications of His faithful unanswered. And he has not ignored our call we made a year ago. To become convinced it is enough to look back and recall the past three hundred and sixty five days, eight thousand, seven hundred hours, five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes, thirty one and half a million seconds. Let’s see one thing: Poles are recovering their spirit.


Who will deny that in front of our eyes a serious spiritual change is happening? An inexperienced observer might miss a lot of its manifestations, particularly those less spectacular, but definitely more difficult, of the spiritual life domain and spiritual combat which also are being manifested in a visible form – like for example longer queues to confessionals (it happens that on the first Friday of every month – something not seen for a long time – you have to wait a least one hour). It is by no means an unimportant detail, on the contrary: it is a matter of the highest importance – counterrevolution begins in the confessional.


If we talk about spectacular manifestations of this catholic revival, in the past twelve months there have been manifold examples of it in the public sphere of our Fatherland. Let’s first of all mention an army of over one million people armed with rosaries which in October stood along the borders of our country to cordon it tightly with prayer. Let’s mention an action called “A Hundred Rosaries for the Centenary of Fatima” – the interest in the public prayer for the moral renewal of our nation on the streets of many Polish cities exceeded the wildest expectations of its organizers. Let’s finally mention this year’s Independence March whose official slogan was: “We Want God!”


It is the Lord your God who fights for you, as he promised you

Only someone blind – or blinded by ill will – can deny that we witness a clear redefinition of the world view. Only someone blind – or blinded by carping – can not see that these are fruits of submitting ourselves to the care of the King of kings. Only a blind person – or blinded by pride – can dare to attribute the reason for this (unquestionable) spiritual renewal to… well, to whom? To us, sinners…?


Whatever we may think of the Act of Acceptance of Jesus Christ as King and Lord, whatever imperfections we may see in it (and what human act will be perfect in itself?), we should definitely see its deepest nature which is an honest movement of a soul towards God. Whereas He – as the history of Salvation irrefutably shows – answers with the fullness of His eternal, absolute fatherly love (or abundant generosity of graces) to each such, even the smallest and the most imperfect, impulse of His always unworthy children.


By the way, it is worth noting that submitting itself to the reign of Christ the King Poland chose solitude in the modern world. Today the Republic of Poland is more lonely than it has ever been before – more than in 1920, more than in 1939. And it cannot be otherwise, as at the moment of becoming a vassal of the King of the Universe it is necessary to part immediately with this world and to abandon any dreams of any alliance with its superpowers.

Poland itself will become a superpower, “it will be a strong power, the strongest not only in Europe, but in the whole world, if it listens to the call of Our Lord Jesus” – Rozalia Celak wrote, explaining at the same time, that these were not her thoughts and words – “God showed it to me”. He showed her incomparably more. “Only these states will remain, in which Christ reigns” – she heard in one of her visions – but those “states and nations, which do not submit to the reign of Jesus’ sweet love, will perish from the surface of the earth for ever and will never raise again”.


And the Polish in the name of brotherly love entrusted all the world’s nations to Jesus Christ in the Act of Acceptance of Him as King and Lord so that all the nations of the world recognized Him as their rightful Lord and King and used the time given to them by Father to submit voluntarily to His lordship. Let’s hope that this turning point, on the threshold of which we are just standing, turns out to be recuperative not only for our Fatherland – if it remains obedient to Christ’s will (as saint Faustyna Kowalska heard from Our Lord) – but also for Europe and the whole world.


How sad and immensely depressing scenery we see in our mind’s eye whenever we try to imagine the scenes seen by Rozalia Celak. “The destruction will be huge as the result of sins which have flooded the earth, so they have to be washed with blood, especially there where they have been committed in the most hideous way”. We will hardly be able to rejoice over our survival if so many souls are to perish on the earth. Therefore it is necessary to ardently pray that the foolish and barbarized tribes of the West might come to their senses and do everything in our power to help in their spiritual renewal.


It is just today that Poland – lonely as never before, but strong as it has never been before thanks to its alliance with Heaven – has a unique opportunity to become a starting point of a Catholic counter-offensive. No doubt it will experience numerous attacks from without and the diabolic fifth column within its boundaries will many times remind of itself in a painful way. Nevertheless it must not abandon its path. It must not hesitate, waver, doubt. We should “remember the Lord, who is great (…) and fight” (Neh 4:14). Many times and in manifold ways He has proved His generous support for those who trust Him. “Have no dread or fear of them. The Lord your God, who goes before you, is the one who will fight for you, just as he did for you in Egypt before your every eyes” (Deut 1:29-30) – He ensured His chosen ones through His prophets. “The Lord will fight for you and you have only to keep still” (Ex 14:14). So “do not fear them, for it is the Lord your God who fights for you (Deut 3:22). And „the Lord fought for Israel” (Josh 10:14). “It is the Lord your God who fights for you, as he promised you” (Josh 23:10).


For He must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet

Therefore trusting in Divine Providence over those who follow His Paths, let’s repeat the words of the Act of Acceptance of Jesus Christ as King and Lord which were said a year ago – and let’s repeat them regularly as “the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak” (Mt 26:41) and the human memory is extremely unreliable and in addition to it the hostile world like thorns will never stop its efforts to obscure any echo of God’s inspiration in us.


„Christ, reign over us! Reign over our fatherland, and reign in every nation – for the greater glory of the Most Holy Trinity and the salvation of humanity. Make our homeland and the entire world into your kingdom: a kingdom of truth and life, a kingdom of holiness and grace, a kingdom of justice, love and peace.


Lord Jesus Christ, King of our hearts, make our hearts like your Sacred Heart. Let your Holy Spirit descend and renew the face of the earth, this earth. May he support us as we accomplish the obligations that are the consequences of this national act, protect from evil, and realize our sanctification.


In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we place our decisions and commitments. We all entrust to the maternal care of the Queen of Polish and to the intercession of the patron saints of our Fatherland”.


Jerzy Wolak

Translation: Jan J. Franczak


DATA: 2017-12-19 14:27
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