Reverend Staniek: „If the Pope is not listening to Jesus, he is not participating in His authority”

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Reverend Staniek: „If the Pope is not listening to Jesus, he is not participating in His authority”
Ks. Prof. Edward Staniek. FOT:Salve TV/YouTube

I pray for wisdom for the Pope and for his heart to open to the works of the Holy Spirit. And if it doesn’t – I pray for his quick departure to the Father’s House. I can always ask God for good death for him because good death is a real grace – said Reverend Professor Edward Staniek in his sermon given on 25 February. He also quoted Pope Francis’s wrong, in his opinion, views such as becoming open to Muslims and those living in deadly sin.


In his sermon given in the Felician Sisters’ Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Kraków Reverend Edward Staniek pointed out the concept of authority. – For Abraham the most important authority was God and so he did what God told him to do. This is what an act of faith in God is all about. It includes recognising God as the highest authority and taking only Him into account – said the priest noting that in the Gospel God the Father indicated His Son as the authority. Shortly speaking, God demonstrated to the apostles that the authority of Jesus Christ was greater than of two biggest authorities of the Old Testament – Moses, the legislator and Elijah, the prophet.


Who is the biggest authority for me? Is it Jesus? – asked Reverend Staniek at the same time explaining that authority means respect for someone responsible, someone who deserves trust because he or she is an expert in a given area, for example. Respect for such a person makes others take this person’s opinion into account. – Every authority’s foundation is their responsibility– said the priest also pointing out a close relation between a person with authority and the truth.

My God is responsibility. He creates me in His image and after His likeness. He is authority. And I have to be one hundred percent authority responsible for my words, thoughts and actions – said Reverend Professor Edward Staniek also referring to the authority in the Church. The priest criticised automatic assignment of authority to people holding church functions, including the Pope, cardinals, bishops, provincial superiors and parish priests. Such an attitude can be baffling because sometimes people holding important positions have no authority although they can give orders. 


You don’t receive authority, you grow into it. The only authority in the Church is Jesus. Not the Pope, not the hierarchy, not the superiors. Jesus. It is His authority that the Church’s life is based on. Everyone who is in the public eye in the Church and imitates Jesus in his life radiates His authority. A high position gives power but it doesn’t give authority – reminded the preacher pointing out that people who are in the public eye may not only have no authority but can also demoralise others.


Being under the pressure of different groups, Pope Francis, who is very much so in the public eye, clearly departures from Jesus in two points: he wrongly interprets His mercy – stated Reverend Professor Edward Staniek. 


In the name of mercy he calls parishes and dioceses to open their doors to Islam believers. As a religion, they are hostile towards the Gospel and the Church. In religious wars they murdered millions of people. And we, Polish people, remembering our victory over their army in the Battle of Vienna, understand that a dialogue with them is impossible better than others. We can show mercy to those Islam believers who die from hunger or thirst. The doors of dioceses and parishes can be open only to those who believe in Jesus Christ – said Reverend Edward Staniek in his sermon given on 25 February 2018.


The second point of wrongly understood mercy is opening the doors to the Eucharist, holy food, to those who choose to live in sin. They can have access to the Eucharist as long as they convert and repent their sins. Those who know what the Holy Communion is about prefer to bend their knees in front of the Holy Bread and beat one’s breast saying “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned” rather than hold out their hands or tongues in order to get the Holy Bread. For those unholy this is deadly food because it is a sacrilege. In the Church it means desecration of sacraments – noted the priest.


What does the Pope think? I don’t know. What does he mean? I also don’t know. I know how his words are used in the media that want to destroy Jesus and His Church. I pray for wisdom for the Pope and for his heart to open to the works of the Holy Spirit. And if it doesn’t – I pray for his quick departure to the Father’s House. I can always ask God for a good death for him because good death is a real grace – said the theologian and patrology expert in his sermon.


If the Pope is not listening to Jesus from Mount Tabor, he is not participating in His authority. The Church of Christ is not built on power. It is built on authority. Those who value power more than authority are a foreign body in the Church of Christ. Let’s listen to Jesus as His Father told us to do on Mount Tabor – Reverend Professor Edward Staniek ended his sermon. 


Reverend Professor Staniek is a great theological authority of the Church in Poland. For many years he was a chancellor of the seminary in Kraków. He is the author of many books. He was a member of the Theological Studies Committee at the Polish Academy of Sciences. 




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