The Appeal of Polish Catholics Gathered in Front of the Palace of the Krakow Bishops

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The Appeal of Polish Catholics Gathered in Front of the Palace of the Krakow Bishops

We publish the appeal issued on August 10, 2019 in Krakow during the support of Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski attacked for words of truth about LGBT ideology.


The Appeal of Polish Catholics Gathered in Front of the Palace of the Krakow Bishops


We, Polish Catholics, have gathered here in Krakow to defend Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski, faithful to God and to the Gospel, and to defend the whole Polish Church that each one of us is part of.


We are gathering below the window of John Paul II, who warned in 1994 against the promotion of “deviations at variance with divine law”.


Before our eyes the many-headed hydra of ferocious anticlericalism is rising up and attacking Catholics, and priests in particular, not only by word but also by deed. We see an anti-Catholic campaign of increasing momentum. We see aggressive attacks on priests and atrocious blasphemies and desecrations during the so-called equality parades. We can see that Catholic opinions are being ignored and removed from the Internet and public spaces. We cannot remain indifferent to the surge of hatred against Catholics and our places of worship. Only last year over thirty Polish churches, chapels and Catholic cemeteries were desecrated! This year attacks on priests have started as well! We mustn’t allow that to happen! Non possumus!


After the ferocious attacks on Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski, we have decided to come out onto the streets to remind everybody that we Catholics are Polish citizens! That we are protected by law! From this place, full of memories of the meetings of the Poles with St. John Paul II and his successors Benedict XVI and Francis, we appeal to the Polish bishops and Polish authorities to stand up against the anti-Christian revolution, LGBT ideology which aims to achieve the neo-Marxist dictatorship of the LGBT! We mustn’t allow that to happen! Non possumus!


We also appeal to our Polish bishops to deal with the Catholic circles which renounced orthodoxy a long time ago and actually stood at the forefront of the sexual revolution promoting homo-heresy, and by their actions blurring sin and causing confusion amongst the faithful. We mustn’t allow that to happen! Non possumus!


From this place we appeal to our Polish priests, don’t be afraid to preach the truth according to the Gospel, speak up about the dangers to our children, our families, our Church, which is also to Poland and its Christian values! Recall the Catholic teaching of the Church on the true family, on what the Sixth Commandment means and on the danger of sodomic sins and causing scandals by promoting them. |Remember the words of St. Paul, “For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against … spiritual forces of evil (Eph 6.12).”


But we also direct our appeal to the government! We Polish Catholics demand that the President, the government and members of the parliament, courts and prosecutor’s office strongly oppose those who are fighting with Christianity, with the Church, with the Polish tradition and morality! Who offend Our Lady Queen of Poland! Who fight with the Polish family! Who want to deprave our children!


Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, ladies and gentlemen, ministers and members of the Sejm and Senate! It’s not enough that you have refused to legalize homosexual unions! We demand concrete action – an immediate denouncement of the gender Istanbul Convention, that you quickly, in this term, pass legislation to ban the corruption of sexual education, enact legislation to ban the promotion of degradation on Polish streets and severely persecute and punish those who desecrate all that the Polish hold holy.


We Polish Catholics, gathered in front of the Palace of Krakow Bishops, in the name of Almighty God, appeal also to all our countrymen – let’s pray for the Church! Let’s pray for Poland! Let’s also pray for the enemies of the Holy Church!


Pope Francis asked us to get off the sofa. So let’s get off the sofa and show the promoters of the embryonic LGBT dictatorship that we will fight for our Faith, homeland and families till the end. That we will defend our Polish priests and Polish bishops who protect the deposit of Faith! We will never give up!


Let’s repeat the words of St. John Paul II:

Don’t be afraid!

DATA: 2019-08-10 18:24
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