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The website was set up to fight. Our fight rises above the current political skirmishes and divisions among political parties. It has a cultural and even an eschatological dimension. We’re fighting against the hundred-headed hydra of Revolution, which is a process of destruction of everything we love, we live for and which forms us. The name of our website is short for Polonia Christiana. In this name our whole program is contained, namely… Christian Poland. Only this. And as much as this. Loving and clinging to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. The heritage of our great Christian Civilization, which is – as an outstanding Catholic columnist wrote – a civilization par excellence. And last but not least the historical heritage of our nation.


A revolution is going on. Modern revolutionaries don’t wear uniform clothing, they don’t march under flapping red flags, they don’t massacre people and don’t persecute them. Instead of the system of gulags or concentration camps they have been building up a system, which the Holy Father John Paul II called a “Civilization of Death”, turning whole societies into units of individuals centered only on material pleasures and eliminating everything that might disrupt their slavish peace from view. They are murdering whole human generations in mothers’ wombs, they demand eliminating the weak, the ill, the old. They are deconstructing our whole culture, destroying everything which has been beautiful, good and lofty and the void created this way they fill up with egalitarian pap. Acting on the level of particular states and international institutions they are imposing laws limiting freedom, stimulating secularization and processes of degrading natural communities. They consistently strive to destroy the institution of family based on monogamous marriage to replace it by deviants’ “relationships” and “patchwork” families whose next stadium of development is a wild herd. 

Their actions, gaining momentum in front of our eyes, manifested by radicalization of their egalitarian ideology they are imposing on us and whose quintessence are homo-activists’ perverse slogans and as a result gender demands, let us guess that we are just witnessing the climax of some process. We can see it particularly clearly in Poland, which as a mostly Catholic country has become an area of an exceptionally fierce offensive of forces of “progress” in the last decade.


Christianitas and its destruction


When did this process begin? Where are its roots? Where does its consistency and power come from? In order to try to answer these questions we must go back to the times when on the ruins of the Roman Empire ravaged by barbarians the successive generations of Christians created a new civilization. Out of the havoc and chaos of the so-called Dark Ages a new order of Charlemagne and Otto’s Europe emerged and then between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries the Chrisitianitas formed on its foundation – a great commonwealth of Christians of the whole Continent – a colorful mosaic of states, cities, local communities, various ethnicities, classes and families, held together as one by the Catholic religion and Latin culture.

But the civilization being built in the Middle Ages didn’t achieve its full bloom. This commonwealth existed as long as – despite its lack of full political unity – the religious unity existed, undermined by subsequent heresies and schisms. It stopped existing at the moment when the first great crisis came – the Protestant revolution, which divided almost the whole of Europe and brought bloody religious wars, ruining numerous Christian states and seriously enfeebling the rest of them. Worse than those wars was the permanent questioning of the foundation the medieval civilization was built on – the authority of the Church, both pastoral and political – by Protestants. If anyone could establish their own church and interpret the Bible on their own, also the foundation of the political and social order became relative and subjective. It is there – in the Protestant revolution – where the roots of relativism of modern culture are.

The immediate result of the first revolution was the Enlightenment – at first only a philosophical trend, later on a widespread intellectual fashion – on the one hand side spreading rationalist, materialistic and atheistic views, on the other hand side – fascination with esotericism and gnosis. That is thanks to the ideology of the Enlightenment, which had not questioned the existence of God yet but His influence on history, that the French revolution became possible. The revolution which not without reason has been called “anti-French” by many, upsetting all the previous political order, but in particular damaging the second foundation of the ancien regime world – Christian monarchy.

Of course neither the first, nor the second revolution happened in a flash. Each of them was a process going on for decades or even centuries. And so the last act of the second revolution was not the Napoleonic era and not even the Second Empire, but the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy after World War I. At the meantime new states were born – on the ruins of schismatic and oppressing Catholics Russia and the Protestant and hostile to Catholicism German Empire – which put the ideals of the next – the third revolution – into effect. The extreme rationalism of the Enlightenment was the soil for the growth of socialist and communist movements in the nineteenth century. As soon as conditions became favorable those ideologies materialized in the communist revolution in Russia and the national-socialist revolution in Germany to spread all around the world. Social constructionism, manifesting in such terrible undertakings as the extermination of entire nations or social groups, was a result of throwing into question the Divine and natural order. Man appeared in place of God, and if that’s the case there were no restrains which could stop him from even the worst crime if only it was to serve a lofty aim such as making a nation or even all humankind happy. To transform society it was necessary to divest people of everything that in a natural way regulated the social structure and supported the freedom and independence of families and individuals – private property.

From that third revolution which – although its first harbingers were manifest in the Protestant ideologies of the sixteenth century – reached its climax in the twentieth century and whose lamentable results we have to still wrestle with in Poland and countries conquered by the Bolshevik sect, it was close to the fourth one which is taking place in front of our eyes. The sexual revolution, designed by neo-Marxists from the Generation of 1968, happening in the sphere of culture and morals, has hurt us in the most painful way for it has struck the deepest – our families, our children, us. The ambition of modern revolutionaries is to intervene in the worst way possible – to destroy the identity of man and to form him anew. Contemporary political organizations, controlled by people overwhelmed by the mad egalitarian ideology, strive therefore to totally regulate and control human relations and create laws invading the most intimate spheres of our lives.


The spirit of egalitarianism


Thus we see the continuity of the process which first attacking the religion, then the state, finally society and property has at last turned against the family, this way destroying four foundations of Christian civilization. However there are concrete people behind it: at the very roots of it we find initiators creating basis of these new philosophies and ideologies, then thinkers – authors of political programs and finally hundreds of thousands of executors of these revolutionary demands and recommendations. What motivates them to act? What makes them unwaveringly realize such an elaborate plan designed for many centuries?

Nobody will understand it if they don’t analyze the history of humankind from the Christian point of view. If Salvation is a turning point in history, if the Son of God really was born in a stable to save by His death on the Cross and His Resurrection, then everything that had happened before and has happened after should be perceived as a result of the fight between Good and Evil, the fight for our souls. Then we will see as plain as a pikestaff that the first revolutionary was that rebellious archangel whose non serviam became a kind of prefiguration of all revolts aimed at overthrowing the true and proper Order. For all the revolutions have one characteristic feature in common which is their source – egalitarianism. The same egalitarian feeling, stemming from the sin of pride which made the most perfect of angels to rebel against God, motivates revolutionaries whose fierceness in the fight against the Christian order in the past or its meager relicts today cannot be understood without taking a spiritual element into consideration. The aspiration for religious egalitarianism triggered off the Protestant revolution, political egalitarianism formed the basis for the French revolution, economic egalitarianism laid the foundation for the Bolshevik revolution and finally radical or even total egalitarianism shows beneath the slogans propagated by modern revolutionaries. This process sooner or later must result in open Satanism whose first symptoms we can already observe both in the sphere of culture and ideology.


Our Lady – the only hope


This revolutionary process was perfectly described by a South American Catholic thinker, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, in his book Revolution and Counter-Revolution. In his opinion the reaction of genuine Catholics must stem from such an assessment of the whole process, which locates the true roots of the Revolution in the spiritual sphere. This reaction can be nothing else but unrestricted devotion to the Counter-Revolution or our fight in defense of God and the Church and binding together not only public activities or work, but also private life with this fight. We should in particular give ourselves over ardently – as Prof. Oliveira wrote – to Marian devotion as Our Lady – the one who crushes the head of the serpent – is considered the biggest enemy by the anti-Christian and egalitarian Revolution.

In the 1940’s Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, as the editor of the Catholic magazine Legionario (Legionnaire) wrote in one of his articles stating his program as follows: The Legionario was born to fight! The same need formed the basis for creating our website:, which was set up on March 21, 2012. Up to now we have published tens of thousands of news articles and also several thousands opinions and commentaries about various current and universal topics. All our journalist, editorial and columnist’s work has been motivated by editor-in-chief Sławomir Skiba’s words opening the first issue of our parent bimonthly Polonia Christiana: We’re fighting to defend  Christian civilization in which the order in all aspects of earthly, personal and social life according to the Law of God, natural law and the Church teaching is in favor of the final goal of our creation.

Thus we exist to fight. We fight to really exist.


Piotr Doerre, the first editor-in-chief of

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