Varsovians say „No” to homosexual terror – protest in front of Town Hall

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Varsovians say „No” to homosexual terror – protest in front of Town Hall

About a thousand Varsovians protested in front of the Town Hall against the pro-homosexual LGBT+ Charter regulations. Among the protestors were representatives of grassroots organizations, politicians, teachers and parents. Some LGBT circles tried to provoke and disrupt the rally, attempting to drown out the speeches of the participants.


 The Warsaw Parents’ Protest gathered about one thousand Varsovians in front of the Town Hall. Parents protested in an open and empathic way against the sexualization of their children and designs on their innocence. The LGBT+ Charter signed by Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski introduces a series of dangerous practices which are aimed at familiarizing children with sexuality. They also promote homosexual attitudes. Among the dangers that could potentially be harmful to children because of Rafał Trzaskowski’s decision are the World Health Organization (WHO) sexual standards.


The Varsovians who wanted to resist these decisions protested in front of Town Hall. Speakers on stage included representatives of grassroots organizations and members of parliament. “The WHO sexual education standards are not only theoretical. For the past several dozen years they have been the reality in the West. Children in Germany learn designing a project called “brothel for everyone”. Swiss kids are given genital organ models in kindergarten. There is no consent to it happening in Poland. But to avoid this parents must act in self-defense” – Mariusz Dzierżawski from the Right to Life Foundation pointed out.


Let’s recall, WHO standards imply that children up to the age of 4 should be informed about the “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s body, early childhood masturbation”, 4-6 year-old children are taught about “different concepts of a family” and “respect for different norms regarding sexuality”, 6-9 year-old children are informed about contraception and the concept of “acceptable sex (mutually consensual)”, and before the age of 12 children are supposed to gain knowledge about how to “use condoms and contraceptives effectively” and “take responsibility… [for] safe and pleasant sexual experiences.”


“A new rainbow form of terror is coming, wanting to sexualize our children from an early age. Our children need love, tenderness, care, good upbringing and solid education, not sexualization,” a representative of the March 4 Movement said. He pointed out the pattern of LGBT circles, who using the method of small steps, prepare and accustom public opinion to homosexual attitudes and depravation. “We encourage each one of you to become a school and class guardian,” he said. “We must stop this rainbow madness,” he emphasized.


Mr. Jerzy Kwaśniewski, the president of Ordo Iuris, also spoke at the rally. He said that the LGBT+ Charter poses a threat not only to the young but also to various social and professional groups in Warsaw. “The Constitution of the Republic of Poland clearly protects family life. It is you, the parents, who have priority over any other entity, any other person, this time including the capital city of Warsaw which cannot impose anything upon you. These are your rights,” the president of Ordo Iuris pointed out.


“The LGBT+ Declaration is only a beginning. Today we know that throughout the tenure of mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz 800 000 zlotys was spent on LGBT organizations, these organizations have already received 500 000 zlotys in the recent few months of Rafał Trzaskowski’s governance,” the lawyer warned.


Among the protesters against homosexual indoctrination there were also some members of parliament. “Children belong to their parents and it is the parents who are supposed to bring them up…. These educators want to deprave our children behind our backs. We will not permit this, neither Trzaskowski, nor Rabiej, nor anybody else who will come near our children,” MP Anna Maria Siarkowska from the Republican Party said.


The leader of the National Movement, Robert Winnicki, had harsh words for the actions of the Warsaw Town Hall. He also pointed out that, unfortunately, a part of Polish society agrees with the rainbow declarations. “Let’s harbor no illusions. These rainbow perverts want to get our children. Unfortunately, there are already such people in Poland who will say ‘Yes’. You’re asking who has impressed that on them, who has taught them such things. I will tell you. Not only the homosexual parades, not only the ‘rainbow Fridays’, not only the LGBT Charters but, please, look at what’s happening on TV and in serials, including public TV. This is where society is being accustomed to homosexual propaganda. Let’s demand that it change,” Robert Winnicki called. “Following the example of other Central and Eastern European countries we need to ban homosexual propaganda in the public sphere,” he stressed.


Throughout the rally against homosexual indoctrination and the sexualization of children LGBT circles were very active, too. They tried to disrupt the speeches on stage. At a certain moment the rainbow activists also acted up. Two of them managed to get on stage where the organizers of the rally were speaking. After a while they were asked to leave the rally by the organizers and participants, and then they were approached by the police. The homosexual protest included about 50 people attired in rainbow flags and shouting so-called equality slogans.


The Warsaw Parents’ Protest was organized by the Center for the Advancement of Initiatives for Life and Family, who stress that with this form of protest they want to raise awareness that it is the parents and not the creators of the LGBT+ Charter who should decide how their children are educated in accordance with their own beliefs.


The organizers encouraged people to express opposition to the rainbow indoctrination by filling out a form on the website:


Photos and text: Wma

Transl. Jan J. Franczak





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